Welcome to Lviv, Ukraine

The Lviv – Carpathian Mountains Single Tour runs year round and includes one week (7 days) at any time.

To submit your booking request for this tour, use the Tour Booking Request Form by filling in your details, selecting your anticipated starting date in the calendar and selecting 1 ticket for this tour. Once you’ve submitted your booking request, we’ll be in touch to confirm your booking and secure your deposit for this tour.

Day 1: Once you have arrived in Lviv we will have you settled into your hotel so you can relax from your flight and prepare for your amazing stay. Enjoy your evening at the hotel, or we can suggest a night of entertainment for you.

On the following morning after a fabulous buffet breakfast, we will guide you through the beautiful city of Lviv to see all the wonderful architecture, monuments, old buildings and visit the places of most interest.

Lunch will be provided in the town square in a pleasant atmosphere, where you will find the restaurants the most amazing, Ukraine, Jewish, German, Italian and Western dishes to your liking. Throughout the day you will see many shops that will catch your interest and our guides will provide any assistance you require.

The evening activities will be up to you’re discretion, we will assist you on where to go, night clubs, bars, restaurants, etc., and provide you with a driver to and from your hotel.

Day 2: After your morning breakfast, we will travel to Slavsko in the Carpathian Mountains. The Ukraine countryside is beautiful. The old homes and historic sites you will see along the way were built 100 years ago, through the Soviet Union period. There are many picturesque sites to see and the traditional hotels are most beautiful. Arriving to our destination, we will visit the Ukrainian Nation restaurant and sample the traditional Ukrainian drinks. There are many shops to purchase souvenirs and gift items.

For an additional cost, you can experience the Rope Park-Zip Line, quadding, horseback riding and four wheeling in the mountains. At the end of the day we will return you to your hotel. There many other sites to see in Lviv, Medieval Castles, Museums, Historical Sites, Resorts and Live performances. We will be available to assist you in all your needs for your stay in Lviv.

Lviv is on the same Latitude as British Columbia. The temperatures are similar to those of Vancouver BC, less the rain. Temperatures are quite comfortable throughout mid April to October, July, August and September are warm in 24-30C. Occasional winters can get to -18 or more for a few weeks, but usually are mild. Bring a warm coat for the occasional cool day.

The currency in the Ukraine is based on the American dollar rates. With the difference in Canadian dollars to Ukraine our dollar is still of great value, five times less of the costs we would pay in Canada. The currency rates change daily giving our dollar more value, best rates in the city.

If you want to extend your holiday, let us know in advance. We will be happy to make arrangements for your hotel, transportation and guides at an additional cost.

This Tour Package Includes

  • Transportation from Lviv Airport to Hotel
  • 7 days accommodation at 5* Hotel ( Buffet Breakfast included )
  • 1 day City of Lviv tour with English Speaking Guide ( Lunch + Drink included )
  • 1 day tour to Carpathian Mountains ( Guide + Transportation included)
  • Information available 24 hours

Other Services and Tours, provided at additional Cost

Lviv Carpathian Mountains
Lviv Carpathian Mountains - 01
Lviv Carpathian Mountains - 02
Lviv Carpathian Mountains - 03
Lviv Carpathian Mountains - 04
Lviv Carpathian Mountains - 05
Lviv Rural Village Buildings - 01
Lviv Rural Village Buildings - 02
Lviv Rural Village Buildings - 03
Lviv Rural Village Buildings - 04
Lviv Rural Village Traditional Celebration - 01
Lviv Rural Village Traditional Celebration - 02
Lviv Rural Village Windmill
Lviv Rural Village Wood Carving - 01
Lviv Rural Village Wood Carving - 02
Lviv Cafe Coffee Mine - 01
Lviv Church - 04
Lviv Church Inside
Lviv City Birds Eye View - 01
Lviv City Panorama View - 03
Lviv City Street - 02
Lviv City Street Performer
Lviv City Train Station
Lviv Drinking Beer
Lviv Fishing
Lviv Local Actress
Lviv Historical Buildings - 04
Lviv Main Square - 01
Lviv Medieval Reenactment - 02
Lviv Medieval Restaurant Pub
Lviv Music Restaurant - 01
Lviv Outdoor Kabob Grilling - 03
Lviv Outdoor Kabob Grilling - 02
Lviv Opera Main Square Night - 02
Lviv Observation Deck
Lviv Patriot Restaurant Kryjivka - 07
Lviv Outdoor Sculptures 02
Lviv Patriot Restaurant Kryjivka - 02
Lviv Patriot Restaurant Kryjivka - 01
Lviv Patriot Restaurant Kryjivka - 09
Lviv Patriot Restaurant Kryjivka - 10
Lviv Restaurant Staff
Lviv Pub Patio - 01
Lviv Pravda Restaurant Pub - 03
Lviv Pravda Restaurant Pub - 01
Lviv Souvenir Shop
Lviv Street by Pravda Restaurant Pub
Lviv Street Artist
Lviv Street Musicians - 02
Lviv Volodyas Car
Lviv Urban Restaurant - 02
Lviv Tourist

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5.00 based on 1 review
October 2, 2016

The tour was very interesting, I’ve never thought that I could see so many cool people and good places in one country. I was impressed by architecture and cheap prices. I highly recommend to see this country!

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