Borsch – A Signature Ukrainian Soup
Borsch - Ukrainian Soup

A letter from one of our tourists Nicole – Head Chef of a Restaurant in Canada

Hi, this is Nicole. Already a week has passed when I came back home. I still cannot forget the taste of Ukrainian borsch, a strange soup made from beetroot which gives the dish a distinctive red color. When I tasted it the first time it was just a nice flavor, but with lard “salo” and bread it just made my day. As I said I am the owner and Head Chef of a restaurant in Canada. So now I have Borsch in my menu because it’s easy to cook tastes incredible.

I never thought that such a ordinary vegetable as beetroot could have such a refined taste. I think I should return to Lviv for more Ukrainian recipes and tasty dishes in restaurants like Kryivka and Mason. I definitely would bring my family with me, I know they’d like it as I do.

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