Come Lviv It!

Welcome to Western Flow Tours

Are you looking for a holiday experience of a lifetime? Lviv, Ukraine is the place to be for fun and adventures for people who want to experience the old world with modern amenities at a great price!

My name is John Blondeau and I’m happy to welcome you to Western Flow Tours. In my travels around the world, I took interest in Europe to explore my family heritage and eventually was led to the beautiful city of Lviv Ukraine. I met many fine people and started a great relationship with my now partner Volodya Mykhalyshyn, who founded Western Flow Tours.

Lviv is one of the most historic and fascinating cities in the western Ukraine. The architecture and buildings date back to the 5th century with stunning monuments and paintings. The city center has many unique stores, street shops and souvenir outlets. The Opera House is a must see along with a visit to the Lviv Chocolate Factory and the Coffee Manufacture Restaurant. Pubs, street cafes and fine dining restaurants are abundant throughout the city serving traditional Ukraine and western dishes in amazingly decorated humored atmospheres. The city center is always active and is the place to meet people from all over the world.

The town square is full of activities with live music and performers on every other street corner, providing entertainment into the late hours of the evening. The bars and clubs are open late into the morning and are awesome.

Since 2012 I have made several visits to Lviv to participate with Volodya and work with him on his Ukraine tours. In 2014 we decided to form a partnership and our joint venture has become a huge success.

Our tours give you the ultimate experience, from the city sightseeing to games and activities in various resorts of the Carpathian Mountains to the Capital City of Kiev, Chernobyl and the Black Sea, all year round.

All tours are inclusive and based on Canadian Dollars. Airfare from Canada is your responsibility or can be arranged through Western Flow Tours upon your request, via Lot Polish Airlines.

For currency exchange, Canadian money is accepted in all of the Ukraine and is best to change once you arrive there.

We invite you to join us for an adventure of a lifetime, Come Lviv It!

Volodya Mykhalyshyn

Volodya Mykhalyshyn

John Blondeau

John Blondeau

John and Volodya in Lviv

John and Volodya in Lviv, Ukraine